Emilie is a freelance writer, photographer, and graphic designer living in Northern California. She’s a member of ACFW and writes Young Adult fiction. She’s got a soft spot in her heart for animals and a love for the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. In her spare time, you can find her designing fun, bookish items for her Etsy and Society6 shops all while drinking too much coffee.

A little bit about me...

  • I grew up in a  super small town
  • I love reading and have been known to finish a book in a day when I have the time
  • I am a photographer and a graphic designer (in addition to being a writer)
  • I have lived in Dayton, Ohio, Washington, D.C., and Southern California
  • I enjoy being active outdoors and eating healthy
  • Pandas are my favorite animal
  • I love the color green
  • If I were a fruit I'd probably be a Honey Crisp Apple
  • Some favorite TV shows are: Star Trek The Next Generation, Criminal Minds, Psych, Bones, NICS, Murder She Wrote, and MacGyver (yep, I like the old school ones!)
  • Some favorite movies are: The Mummy (1999), Ever After, Passengers, Captain America (and most Marvel movies haha)

My shops...

I run a few online shops that sell fun bookish items under my brand Create Explore Read (which is also the name of my blog). I enjoy creating designs whether it's for my shops or for my cover design business, and have loved seeing my bookmarks, mugs, buttons, and other products in fun, creative pictures on Instagram!


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I am represented by Tamela Hancock Murray of The Steve Laube Agency.

All business and writing-related inquires can be directed to her.

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